Our coaching staff is firmly committed to giving your daughter the best of all possible experiences during her running/jumping/throwing career at Eden Prairie. We feel that there are many facets to a successful program, including attitude, self-concept, self-esteem, body concept, physical skill development, personal skill development and lifetime skill development. We believe that while the final score or outcome is important and certainly should be part of the mix, it is not the only gauge to measure one's accomplishments. Lifetime skills such as time management, problem solving, teamwork, dependability, loyalty, competition, sacrifice, priority & goal setting, self-analysis,
cause & effect relationships and lifetime fitness will be modeled and developed.
As you may recall, Coach Jeff Lindlief, who is a distance coach on our staff, is also the head cross country coach in the fall. The two sports are perfect complements and we strongly encourage track and field team members to run cross country or at least try. However, if CC is not the choice for them, then we would like to encourage them to participate in SOME sporting activity in each of the 4 seasons throughout the year! Without year-round aerobic activity, much of this season's hard-earned gains will be lost during any extended down time.  We hope to count on your support in nurturing the love of track & field, and personal physical fitness in your child's life.  And as always, we look forward to a great year!  

Go Eagles!